Alicia Keys

Fifteen-time Grammy Award-winning artist and HIV/AIDS advocate Alicia Keys engaged RALLY to expand and discover new platforms for her advocacy and philanthropic work. Building on her decade-long international work as an HIV/AIDS advocate, we helped Keys focus her efforts on a high-profile, impactful partnership with Kaiser Family Foundation’s “Greater Than AIDS” campaign. In March 2013, EMPOWERED was launched as an ongoing HIV/AIDS public service campaign designed to reach women in the U.S. regardless of their HIV status. Our work with the campaign is cross-platform and can be seen in empowerment messaging carried through TV, radio, outdoor, print, digital public service ads (PSAs), special programming and editorial, social media promotions, informational resources, community programs, and more. RALLY also helped Keys found and lead a community grants program focused on women and HIV/AIDS. The grants program received an impressive 220 applications for funding that was awarded in October 2013. As a result, we’ve seen widespread support for the EMPOWERED campaign within the HIV/AIDS community, across the media and among the public.