Alicia Keys

Fifteen-time Grammy Award-winning artist and HIV/AIDS advocate Alicia Keys engaged RALLY to expand and discover new platforms for her advocacy and philanthropic work. Building on her decade-long international work as an HIV/AIDS advocate, RALLY helped Keys develop a U.S focused effort to address the stigma around HIV/AIDS, particularly among African American women, resulting in disproportionately lower rates of testing and treatment.Alicia Keys empowered frontIn partnership with the Kaiser Family Foundation, Keys created EMPOWERED, a national issue advocacy campaign and a grants program for local community groups focused on women and HIV/AIDS. The national campaign carried the empowerment messaging through TV, radio, outdoor, print, digital public service ads, social media and community resources. The campaign also included community discussions, led by Ms. Keys, in order to de-stigmatize the topic particularly in the African American community. One of our proudest moments was hearing a young woman feel brave enough to attend one of these community meetings with Alicia and publicly share for the first time her HIV-positive status.