Parents Action for Children

RALLY began helping Rob and Michele Reiner advocate for early childhood education before it became a part of the national agenda.

The Reiners founded the nonprofit advocacy organization Parents Action for Children and put their talents and celebrity friends to work for the cause. Parents Action for Children’s star-studded and award-winning “I Am Your Child” video series has been seen by millions of parents and caregivers from around the world.

Today, in addition to working with the Reiners on ongoing political and philanthropic initiatives, the RALLY team works with Parents Action for Children on managing a national scientific study to determine how parents across the country find and use health and parenting information. RALLY will promote the published results of the study for Parents Action for Children to inform the planned update to the organization’s acclaimed “I Am Your Child” parenting resources. The study and the updated video series will contribute valuable information to the broader health promotion community, as well as serve as a platform for the Reiners to continue their advocacy on behalf of young children and the services that benefit and uplift them.