Public Counsel

Public Counsel retained RALLY to plan and execute the announcement of a historic settlement agreement with the California Department of Education and State Board of Education in the class action lawsuit Cruz v. California. The case was originally brought on behalf of students from six high schools in Los Angeles, Compton and Oakland who were denied meaningful learning time by being assigned to fake classes that lacked educational value. RALLY developed the messaging, collateral, and media materials for the settlement rollout, driving bilingual press coverage across California and nationally. RALLY also devised and executed a digital communications campaign to further amplify the announcement.


Following the announcement of the settlement agreement, RALLY developed a strategic plan for Public Counsel to conduct outreach to community organizations, parents and students, particularly those in the six schools targeted by the lawsuit. The plan will help Public Counsel and community partners educate students and their families of the rights and protections included in the Cruz settlement and AB 1012, a new California state law that helps safeguard students from being assigned to contentless classes in the future.

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