Rock the Vote

As the largest and most diverse generation in American history, Millennials have the opportunity to shape our nation’s future. Rock the Vote has been working with young people for over 25 years to get them registered and to the polls. In 2016, they engaged RALLY to help drive youth participation in one of the most consequential elections in a lifetime.

Rock the Vote Truth to Power Battleground State Bus Tour at iHeartRadio Festival in Nevada

RALLY developed a robust, persuasive narrative for Rock the Vote’s 2016 Truth to Power campaign, aimed at registering, engaging, and mobilizing young voters. The campaign kicked off with high profile events at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, including a massive pop-up multi-media extravaganza in Philadelphia that RALLY helped to produce.

Senator Cory Booker at Rock the Vote Truth to Power Pop-Up Exhibition in Philadelphia

RALLY worked to engage celebrity influencers and activists, as well as media, corporate, and nonprofit partners, in the multimillion-dollar national campaign. The Truth to Power campaign included registration drives, digital advertising, and a fall bus tour through key battleground states. Ultimately, Rock the Vote registered over 1.6 million new voters in 2016. And while overall turnout in the 2016 general election went down from 2012 levels, turnout among young voters went up — and Millennials made the key difference in a number of states and races across the country.


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