Sandy Hook Promise

RALLY worked with Sandy Hook Promise, founded by family and community members after the Sandy Hook shooting to further their mission to protect children from gun violence.  This emotional work had us working with victims of this tragedy helping them navigate the overwhelming level of initial media requests and building that work into a two-year effort to reach out to gun-owning parents to engage them in the fight to reduce gun violence.

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These efforts included acting as their communications director and staff to provide media relations, rapid response messaging, and program development to build broad community engagement. We developed advocacy strategies for their push for federal legislation mandating background checks for all gun sales, and local legislation in Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Ohio to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals.


On the first anniversary of the shooting, we built on information gathered from focus groups of gun owners across the country to craft a compelling narrative and orchestrate national news coverage for the Parent Together campaign. The campaign united parents from differing political and social backgrounds around protecting our children from gun violence and garnered over a million media impressions.

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