Venture for America

Venture for America (VFA) recruits graduates from top universities in the United States to learn how to become entrepreneurs in the trenches of startup companies in economically struggling cities. Founded by Andrew Yang in 2011, VFA has already received national press attention for its unique mission of fostering job creation through entrepreneurship. RALLY took on VFA as our first-ever pro bono client with the goals of amplifying the VFA brand, better establishing the organization in the national conversation around entrepreneurship, and bolstering VFA’s relationships with current and potential partners in order to garner ongoing financial support and facilitate the organization’s continued expansion. RALLY revamped the VFA collateral materials, messaging, and outreach strategy to focus on the organization’s differentiating factor—its focus on placing young entrepreneurs in start-up companies in economically depressed communities as a way to spur economic development. Our team also developed an enhanced digital media strategy that harnessed the inherent color and power of the program’s bright and adventurous fellows.

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