How to Make an Award-Winning Interactive Doc

RALLY is proud to announce that The Water at Bay: An Interactive Documentary, which we produced in Fall 2015, just won the 2016 Reed Award for Best Website for Issue Advocacy or Public Affairs Campaign. Check out the fully interactive documentary and map here:


RALLY’s original vision combines a highly interactive parallax-style website, video interviews with expert economists and conservationists brought to life with original animation, original Bay Area drone footage, a dynamic custom user-interface, and highly accurate flood risk maps and data.

The piece was produced for Our Bay on the Brink, a campaign dedicated to raising awareness around pollution and flood risk in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rather than produce a more traditional video or map, our team at RALLY decided they needed to design a unique experience that really engages the target audience—an especially tech-savvy crowd around the Bay.


The project, which took six months to complete, involved the work of RALLY’s Kevin Singer, Cynara Lilly, Leo Wallach, and Alexis Mahrus and partnerships with Waterbound Pictures and Blueprint Interactive.

Since its launch, the interactive documentary has drawn over 20,000 users from around the Bay Area.



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