Meet Mackenzie Long: RALLY Profile

BREXIT, SCOTUS, TRUMP, OH MY! That’s one of the eyebrow-raising headlines that will pop into your inbox every morning when you receive SCOTUSDaily, one of the most influential tip sheets on all things related to the Supreme Court.

Who’s behind it? Meet Mackenzie Long, the mastermind who writes the roundup now read by hundreds of top Supreme Court reporters, appellate lawyers, scholars — even senior staff members of the Senate Judiciary committee.

Reports that Supreme Court justices themselves read Mackenzie’s work are yet to be confirmed.


Tell us how SCOTUSDaily got started.

SCOTUSDaily began as a newsletter for RALLY client Come to Terms, a project of Fix the Court. Fix the Court is an organization committed to bringing reforms to the Supreme Court to make it more open and honest.

In only a year, the newsletter has evolved into a unique and influential resource for people who are writing about and are interested in the law. It provides a daily dose of Supreme Court news, set off by quirky, pop-culture references. I strive to accurately reflect the day’s coverage while making the information relevant and digestible for anyone.

What is something about the Supreme Court that you would want millennials to know?

The Court has historically been this mysterious force, misunderstood, and out of reach for most folks — particularly young people. Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor both recently made public calls for the legal profession to embrace greater diversity in thinking and representation, and I’d really like to see fellow millennials answer that call.

What is your most memorable SCOTUSDaily experience?

The gravity and significance of the loss of Justice Antonin Scalia has magnified the immense power and importance of the Supreme Court. When he passed, I spent so much time reading about this giant and getting a sense of him as a jurist and as a person. I wrote a roundup of every story, ode, and dedication to him, and was fascinated by how each reporter portrayed his life’s work. In reading all of those stories I felt like I was finally getting to know the court’s most quotable man. It shouldn’t take a justice passing for all of us to know who they are and how deeply they shape our lives.

What is an issue the Supreme Court addressed this year that resonated with you?

Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt was one of the cases this term that especially piqued my interest because it addressed an issue I’m passionate about. I’ve always felt strongly about women’s rights, especially when it comes to equal opportunity and access to healthcare. The Whole Woman’s Health case was a perfect manifestation of how women’s issues exists in today’s world. The SCOTUS ruling strongly upholds Roe and tells politicians that they cannot continue to chip away at a constitutional right that women in America were long ago afforded. It was the affirmation women in this country desperately needed, but context surrounding that case is everything.

It’s been more than 40 years since Roe v. Wade gave women the right to choose, and somehow in that time 23 states were allowed to impose regulations that threatened, undermined, and even disregarded that right. It’s been 97 years since women were afforded the right to vote and now we finally have the chance to vote for a woman to be president. And still it’s the day to day transgressions that continue to subvert equality. All this to say, yes women have made progress, but there’s still much, much more to be done.

If RALLY gave ‘senior superlative’ awards, what would yours be?

Best coffee date. I unfailingly run into celebrities whenever I’m out getting coffee, and I have a good eye for faces so I spot them really quickly. I’ve run into Bernie Sanders, Keanu Reeves, Father John Misty, SNL cast members, and CNN correspondents.

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