A New Watchdog for Neighborhood Drilling

As impacted communities unify behind the cause, L.A.’s elected officials are finally realizing that they must take action to protect Angelenos from neighborhood drilling.

This month, L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer placed an injunction on the notorious AllenCo Drill site, ordering the oil company to pay $1.25 million in civic penalties. The oil field is required to remain closed until the company installs a robust health and safety monitoring system, an unprecedented settlement that will protect  neighbors who had suffered through years of health complaints.


And, after decades of inaction, the Los Angeles City Council is finally responding to public outcry by hiring a Petroleum Administrator to oversee oil drilling in the city. That’s welcome news for the 1.7 million Angelenos who currently live within one mile of an oil well.

RALLY helped mobilize Hollywood United to publicize the city’s actions and let influencers and policymakers know that Angelenos are paying attention.

Nalleli and Mark


These actions by the L.A. City Council, City Attorney Mike Feuer, and Mayor Garcetti, are a direct reaction to the growing movement against LA neighborhood drilling, and the voices of Hollywood holding them publicly accountable.

RALLY created Hollywood United to leverage the public influence of the entertainment industry to elevate the voices of STAND-L.A. a coalition of communities threatened by urban oil drilling in Los Angeles. By strategically social media moments and driving press coverage, RALLY helps Stand Together Against Neighborhood Drilling (STAND-L.A.)