Jackie Pomeroy

Jackie Pomeroy

Senior Account Executive

Jackie Pomeroy is a Senior Account Executive at RALLY with expertise in research, policy analysis, and nonprofit management. At RALLY, Jackie works with Casey Family Programs and the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare on campaigns to reframe the conversation about the nation’s child welfare system. On both accounts, she leads strategic planning and message development efforts to increase public support for preventive services and keep kids out of foster care. She also works with The Angell Foundation on an initiative to amplify the impact of nonprofit organizations by promoting empathy and mindfulness as an essential part of workplace culture.

 Jackie began her career at RALLY working with the 11th Hour Project, a program of the Schmidt Family Foundation dedicated to promoting responsible use of the world’s resources. On behalf of the foundation, she played a major role in developing Stand Together Against Neighborhood Drilling (STAND-LA), an environmental justice coalition of community groups seeking to end oil drilling in L.A.’s neighborhoods. While working with STAND-LA, she managed media relations for the coalition, coordinated community events, and helped advance local zoning policies to protect Angelenos.

 Jackie is a graduate of Pomona College, where she majored in Public Policy Analysis with a concentration in Politics. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, she worked on a global initiative to promote informed citizen deliberation around the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Following her undergraduate studies, Jackie went on to receive a master’s degree in Public Policy and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management at the University of Southern California.

Having lived all over the United States, Jackie landed in California and has never looked back. She is captivated by L.A. as an urban laboratory and is particularly interested in how innovative transit solutions and vibrant public spaces might make it a more livable city. Though the bulk of her free time is spent spoiling her dog Louis, she also enjoys watching documentaries, practicing hot yoga, and searching for the perfect cup of coffee.