Rachele Huennekens

Rachele Huennekens

Senior Account Executive

Rachele Huennekens is a Senior Account Executive at RALLY specializing in grassroots organizing, messaging, and media relations. With ten years of experience at the intersection of advocacy and strategic communication, Rachele is adept at honing social-impact messaging to move hearts and minds.

At RALLY, Rachele currently works with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), building and managing a campaign for more clean energy by expanding California’s grid throughout the West. She also helps Oakland Families for Quality Schools tell the stories of Oakland students, teachers, school staff, and parents advocating for access to great public schools for all. In the past, Rachele helped Google.org plan the rollout of its initiative to make digital learning more accessible for students and teachers around the world, and contributed to earned media and digital communications for the Yes on 62 campaign.

Prior to joining RALLY, Rachele served as Press Secretary for California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris; acting as a spokesperson and disseminating public information about the Attorney General’s initiatives to protect consumers, safeguard the Golden State’s environment, and ensure justice for voiceless and vulnerable Californians. In this capacity, Rachele led digital communications for the Attorney General’s task force to end cyber-exploitation.

Rachele has also served as the national communications strategist for the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy (LAANE). There, she devised comprehensive branding and communications plans for the Jobs to Move America campaign and co-created the #WomenCanBuild initiative, empowering female factory workers in the tradition of Rosie the Riveter. Rachele has also worked for the Sierra Club, SEIU-United Service Workers West and the AFL-CIO, using media relations, grassroots organizing, digital communications, and public events to amplify the voices of disadvantaged people.

Rachele was born in Washington D.C. and holds a Bachelor of Arts in political communication from the George Washington University.  She now calls Oakland home. Outside of RALLY, she enjoys social justice activism, reading, travel, yoga, wine, and her bulldog Louie.