Salman Akhtar

Salman Akhtar

Account Executive

Salman Akhtar is an Account Executive at RALLY who specializes in media outreach strategy, message development, and issue research.

At RALLY, Salman currently manages the execution of communications efforts for the Washington State Charter Schools Association to advance the organization’s mission to provide high-quality public school options that meet the needs of historically underserved students. He also works with Reddit, Inc. to drive media outreach and messaging for the company’s leadership, and supports Ballmer Group with the creation of a new communications tool around performance-based contracting.

Previously, Salman worked with Teach For America to help rethink how the organization advances its mission to recruit the next generation of great teachers and education leaders, and coordinated media outreach for XQ: The Super School Project.

Prior to joining RALLY, Salman served as an intern for PricewaterhouseCooper’s Public Sector practice, Southern California Edison’s Integrated Planning and Strategy group, and split a summer between the Sierra Club’s Legislative Office and an organic farm in upstate New York. He pursues challenging, meaningful work that pushes his limits and generates measurable impact.

Salman is a graduate of Pomona College where he majored in Public Policy Analysis with a concentration in Environmental Analysis. While attending college, Salman developed a passion for energy and water management issues and penchant for late night walks in Claremont, CA.

In his free time, Salman enjoys pick-up soccer and indoor rock climbing, determining the best street taco vendors in Echo Park, and hosting friends at his apartment.