Ready for College. Leadership. And Life.

theGDlogo_small-1788tz8As the end of the school year approaches, RALLY President Felix Schein, along with RALLY staffers Hillary Moglen, Mackenzie Long, and Salman Akhtar, visited Oscar De La Hoya Animo High School in Boyle Heights to participate in the school’s annual mock-interview day. The team spent their afternoon helping high school students practice interview skills along with Green Dot ambassadors, local business leaders, and educators from the Greater Los Angeles Area.   


Oscar De La Hoya Animo is part of Green Dot Public Schools, a RALLY client that serves students in underprivileged communities and actively works to remove barriers to education. 

“We get the privilege of advocating for educational opportunity on behalf of young people, but sometimes we don’t always feel that impact,” RALLY Principal Hillary Moglen noted. “Speaking with these high-schoolers and hearing their dreams makes that work more personal and real.”

oscardelahoya school exterior

Account Associate Salman Akhtar appreciated the opportunity to engage with education outside of the consulting realm. “Typically we work on a high level every day, it was great to be reminded about why this kind of work is important and who it impacts.”

Opportunities for exercises such as these mock interviews embody Green Dot’s mission to prepare students for college, leadership, and life. Green Dot Public Schools is the leading charter school operator in Los Angeles and one of the top three largest in the nation.


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