Black lives matter

Until everyone is equal


We live in a country where inequality persists by design. From policing to healthcare to land use and more, systems shaped by racism affect nearly every facet of life for Black Americans. With Black Lives Matter, we actively engaged in dismantling those systems of oppression together.


After the horrifying murder of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter was once again vaulted into the spotlight and many looked to the organization to spearhead the response — a high honor but also a high-stakes, high-pressure challenge. To help the organization navigate this difficult period, we drew on every one of our 300+ client engagements. The breadth and depth of our experience building, guiding, and managing advocacy organizations is crucial in our work with organizations like Black Lives Matter, the perspective gained allowing us to play a range of roles from trusted advisor to confidante. For Black Lives Matter, we provided strategic counsel rooted in cultural fluency, contributed to the development of messaging and political positioning, and provided in-depth earned media and digital support. Together, we charted a course through a complicated political environment, further establishing Black Lives Matter as a transformative force in the public policy arena.

We are honored to work alongside Black Lives Matter and other organizations challenging systemic racism, including supporting Campaign Zero in its efforts to hold law enforcement accountable and organizations like the California Wellness Foundation and Sierra Health Foundation to advance health equity.